A Guide to Social Media for Small Business

7 Strategies for Building Your Fan Base on Social

Written by Belle Fortson, CCES student and Social Media Intern at Word of Web

When I first started my internship with Word of Web, I thought that running social media accounts would come naturally to me. After all, I’m a teenager who is constantly using social media.

The first time I realized how much I needed to learn was when Caroline started talking about “SEO,” and I had no idea what it meant. I quickly learned that it stands for “search engine optimization,” and that social media is a big part of it. But running a social media account for a business is nothing like running a personal account.

With a personal account, you can post whatever seems appealing to you at any given moment. Running a business account requires that you post carefully curated content according to a larger strategy. You have to consider your audience, make posts that appeal to that audience, and engage with your followers in meaningful ways.

Here are a few strategies that have made it easier for me to manage and grow Word of Web’s social media accounts:

  • Set your social media goals. These can be related to sales, communication between you and clients, or general brand awareness. Setting clear goals will help you stay focused with each of your posts and avoid wasting time and money on content that will not benefit your business.

  • Plan your posts ahead of time. Creating posts always takes longer than you think it will. You want to leave yourself time to plan what you are going to say and create the perfect graphic to complement it.

  • Post at specific times each week. This will help you develop a social media schedule and get into the routine of posting regularly. It’s important to post at times when your audience is most active so that you can maximize engagement.

  • Engage after posting. Once you upload your post, make sure you are actively engaging (this is especially important on Instagram). “Engaging” includes activities such as liking photos, commenting, and viewing stories. Regular engagement will help other businesses notice you.

  • Create colors or themes for your page. Your social media accounts should look organized and “on brand.” Having a color scheme on your page and dedicating a general style to each type of post will help your account look more clean and professional.

  • If you are able, purchase a social media planner (we use, and love, Sked Social). This will allow you to schedule your posts in advance and view your analytics, which will help you see how often people view your account and engage with it.

  • Above all else, keep your account true to yourself. You want your personality to shine through your account. While it’s important to stay professional, your business should reflect some of your personality so that people can feel connected to a real, live person. Don’t be afraid to be honest and open on your social media pages.

A business social media account should be, at its core, a way for you to promote your business and connect with your followers in an authentic way. Thank you to gobananasocial for guiding us along the way and teaching us these valuable strategies.

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