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Founder & CEO

Caroline Jennings


While working on her BS in Psychology and Neuroscience from UNC-Chapel Hill, Caroline spent her free time training for marathons, working in a schizophrenia clinic, and taking online classes to learn User Experience (UX) Design. What started as a passion project turned into an internship with a software development agency in Boulder, CO, and later a management role with a health tech company in Greenville, SC.


On the side, Caroline started building business websites for people who couldn’t afford to hire an agency but didn’t have the time or technical expertise to build a website themselves. Three years and one pandemic later, Caroline is still hard at work helping clients build websites that align with their business goals, budget, and creative vision.

Designers, Developers, & Writers

Every web designer has a different area of expertise, whether that’s a particular website builder, coding language, or design style. The same goes for writers—some excel at creating dry, informative website copy while others are best at crafting artistic, brand-forward language. To make sure your project is powered by the right talent, we will hand-pick your team from our nationally-distributed network of freelance and agency partners.


Ben Johnston




Always fascinated by how brands market and position themselves to rural kids like himself, Ben pursued a career early on in marketing and brand strategy. Eventually, this evolved into formal training in what has now become a lifelong love affair with graphic design. He has had the pleasure of creating meaningful designs and campaigns for some incredible household brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Seventh Generation, as well as numerous small businesses spanning several different industries. In all his work, Ben's primary aim is to craft beautiful digital experiences. 


Jonathan Martin



With a love for the sunny climates and bringing people together, Jonathan creates a sense of warmth in everything he designs. When working on a project, he puts himself in the shoes of the potential audience and thinks about how they are feeling, what they are looking for, and what he can add that will make them feel more comfortable in their online experience. Jonathan enjoys working with passionate business owners to create websites that spark joy and "speak to" the intended audience.

Brand Strategist & Writer

Emily O'Kane



With a background in multimedia journalism, Emily has led and produced original content in a myriad of professional settings, including within digital and traditional agency settings, in-house for a healthcare startup, and as a freelance writer and brand strategist. Her clients have spanned multiple industries, including hospitality, food & beverage, arts, healthcare, and technology. She loves helping clients distill their ideas and ambitions into impactful stories that compel audiences to action.

Junior Designer

Clare Ruble



As a professional actress with a BA in Theatre Arts from Furman University, Clare knows how to dazzle an audience – both on the stage and online. A self-taught web designer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for making brands “pop,” Clare excels at creating fun, colorful website designs that are sure to make your business stand out from the crowd.

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We partner with a close network of friends and colleagues who specialize in writing, design, and marketing. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us.

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“I met with Word of Web once, went back to running my business, then walked into a meeting a few weeks later and saw all the concepts in action with a site built out. It was amazing – saved me weeks of work. Word of Web was personable, easy to contact, and always organized.”


Ben Cure   |   Trainer
Cure Fitness

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